Breeders Code of Conduct:

Breeder's Code of Conduct and Terms
1. Offer 6 photos and 1 video of at least 45 seconds of your puppy. 
2. Puppies will not be listed if they are dirty, extreme eye stains, or the coat is not properly bathed and groomed. They will not be listed if the photos are not pretty and good lighting. We need GREAT photos to see your pups! They are the most important part of the selling process. 
3. No cages or kennels in the photos at all 
4. Lighting must be appropriate in photos and good angles to show the true puppy and quality. No watermarks, names or logos on photos or contact information.
5. We need different angles not the same angle over and over.
6. Breeders agree to provide all required vet care, health certificate, microchip, up to date vaccinations, deworming and complete records of their puppy's vaccinations/deworming schedules. 
7. Breeders must offer a 7 day warranty for contagious viral infections and a 14 day for distemper. We offer a 1 year for congenital/genetic life threatening conditions not included to normal issues like open fontanel, hernia, loose hips/knees, or common puppy ailments not life threatening and we expect our breeders to honor that warranty to us. 
8. Notification of Sold Puppies. We require our SOLD OUT form to be completed within 2 hours of completion of sale of a puppy that you sold on your own or subject from removal from our breeders network. 
9. We handle all sales, clients and information in regards to selling your puppy and you may not reach out to the client at any time or discuss pricing at any point during or afterward of the completion of sale. 
10. We ask that you also provide us different photos/videos that you list on other advertising websites to keep our site exclusive.
11. We will arrange all shipping for you with our nanny service. You must be willing to meet at your closest airport to arrange pickup of the puppy(s). 
12. After completion of sale and puppy is ready for shipping we do require a form to be completed with an upload of the health certificate/health check for the puppy sold by our boutique. Each puppy will need an individual certificate uploaded to us on required form after vet checks PRIOR TO SHIPPING along with all copies of Vaccinations/Deworming.

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