Warranty Terms of Sale

Thank you for your interest in our Beautiful Puppies.
We offer 1 year warranty for all puppies purchased from their DOB.
Our warranty covers Life threatening, Untreatable Genetic/Congenital Defects for which the puppy would not have any quality of life.
We do not cover for TREATABLE CONDITIONS in which the puppy would require repair or surgery to fix the issue completely. 
We do not cover
Heart Murmurs under grade 3, Patella issues, Hernias, Loose Hips, Cherry Eye or any breed related issues that are common for the breed and are treatable. 
We offer replacements only and do not refund money for any reason. We, as the seller are NOT responsible for any medical bills, treatment or cost related to the health of any puppy.

All puppies will undergo a vet inspection at the time prior to shipping and buyer will receive a health certificate, testing results for parasites, and vaccination records upon receiving their puppy. 
We do require you take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours of arrival home for a health evaluation and checkup and to notify us within 24 hours of any issues noted at the puppy's visit. 
All puppies are SOLD with LIMITED ( non pedigree ) unless purchased with breeding rights at an additional cost. If you are wanting breeding rights please let us know when you first inquire and we can give you the price for the puppy with full pedigree/breeding rights. Most pups are $1500 more for breeding rights and pedigree.